The Human Element in Music

There was a time in music where an artist had to be a finely tuned machine WITH the instrument. They had to understand music, the song, the lyrical structure, chords and any changes, and  memorize the song backwards and forwards. In my experience and looking forward through the music industry glass. I believe that the human element has if it hasn't already is going to be left behind in the dust. Let me explain my thoughts.

Ask any musician today how they produce their music and you'll hear the following. Through a computer, using drum samples, beat machines, electronic keyboards to produce electric guitar sounds etc. While I completely understand about the drum samples if you don't have the money or the room to setup a complete drum kit inside your small apartment or house. The others I really don't get. I'm not saying that drum samples are bad. I'm saying that they are used to replace real drummers that can actually drum but don't want to practice their craft and get better. This my friends is called laziness and it's not a trait that I like. You have to work hard to what you want to accomplish and get good at. Practice makes perfect and brings new skills to the table.  

Another aspect I see is over produced and time aligned music. This aspect is truly jaw dropping. Musicians who have the ability to sing harmonies just say we'll fix it in post with pitch correction, guitarists say we'll fix that onenote with melodyne and the list goes on and on. It's no wonder that copy and paste are widely used to produce a complete song. Just create a loop and paste it several times. Again, another way of making music the lazy and easy way out.  

Time aligning is a big problem having everything synced and produced to an exact click of a metronome. There is no room for error. Personally, I like the mistakes of musicians within a recording especially a live recording or even a studio recording. Not only does this make the music more real and moving. The personification of flawed musicians means that the music and stories in them are real.  

I am no means saying that if you can't afford real drums,  are not a real drummer, have a small place to make music are you a sell out with no soul. I completely understand your situation. However, the musicians who have everything at their disposal and just don't work hard. That's the issues that I take. If you want to make music do it right. I've heard a lot of indie music which sounds a lot better from people who don't have a lot. They make music with their passion and do it from the heart with what they have. They don't have a label or contract pushing them to make crap within a two month window.  

What are your thoughts? Is there anything that you would have put in the article? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

LG G5: The most underrated and unique phone out there. 1 year review

It's no surprise that if you keeps tabs (see what I did there,) on this site. You'll know that I love the unique aspects that android provides users of all abilities. Being able to have full access to your phone's inside such as file and folder management. We're talking complete control here folks. Not the watered down version Apple is graciously providing you in iOS 11. No, that's another topic all together. 

Painted Metal

Unlike Apple's mighty grip on it's sheep, android allows for freedom and user modifications. LG decided to take this literally and build what I think is a pretty good phone. In the media however, the LG G5 was not well received. Many tech pundits called it a flop. Saying that the painted metal back felt like plastic. I want to address this issue right out of the gate. In my opinion, I believe that LG made a pretty smart choice here. U like most of the world, ok 80/20 aren't fully awake when that time arises and we have to get up for the day. I having been an iPhone user hated picking up the metal or glass back and being jolted awake by how cold it was. That feeling was almost as bad as getting cold water dumped on you to wake you up. I should know that from experience. However, the LG G5's painted metal is a nice touch to feel in the mornings. I like being able to wake up naturally and not being forced to feel a cold metal or glass slab in my hand while I'm fumbling for the alarm snooze button on the phone before I'm awake. 


Forget the painted metal hacking of the phone. The construction is one of the areas that pundits really nailed LG for skipping on. So, this phone has a removable battery which is removed by a small button on the left side. You depress this button and a small pull later the bottom housing and battery part from the entirety of the phone. A unique design and one whic I love. Many pundits said that there were spacing issues where the body didn't necessarily meet with the bottom of the phone. If this issue occurred, it was fixed when I got my unit. This shouldn't be a factor if you choose this phone.

Battery and Mods

A modular phone means you can switch parts, batteries, cameras, speakers, etc. when needed. Based on what you needed for a particular outing or situation. This concept is something that LG tried to capture with this phone. I'll have to agree a little bit with tech pundits that I wish LG had many more mods that came out in the US. However, that being said when I bought my phone. I was given a free external battery and a cradle to recharge one battery while the other was in the device. I can't tell you how many times the extra battery power has saved my bacon. Many days I'd be almost out of battery and a few clicks and I was off and running with another 100% ready to go. I love this fact about my LG phone and will miss it when upgrading to a new device. 

What do you look for when you're shopping for a new phone? 

How to not COMPLETLY suck at playing a live venue

Playing a live venue that you have never been to can be scary. You can rise above the coffee guitarist and get your music and your message out to the world.

HAVE A SOUND SYSTEM WITH YOU: This is very important. Be sure to have a sound system or PA with you so that everyone can hear you. Make sure that if your patrons ask you to turn down your system that you do it. There is nothing worse than being blasted by someone who does give a crap about the audience or who they are playing too. 

LEARN HOW TO SING: this should be obvious to a lot of you. If you're going to play in venues know your songs and learn how to sing them. If a key is to high lower it and visa versa.  

DON'T WALK AROUND ANNOYING YOUR PATRONS: Moving around is good for you. It keeps your body from fatigue and keeps you moving. However, if you feel the urge to move and come up to your patrons table DON'T!! This will annoy your patrons and while some might like it. Your patrons are most likely trying to eat and have conversation. Your musical performance is not what they came to hear. Be glad that the owner let you in their place and might be paying you if you're any good.  

TUNE YOUR GUITAR: Please, for the love of God and everyone who has to hear you. TUNE YOUR DAMN INSTRUMENT. There is nothing more annoying than hearing a guitar and singer out of tune because you can't be bohered to tune your instrument before you paly. Here's a quick tip: GET A TUNER!!!!!!!!! Tuners are cheap and can be a life saver when you think you're in tune. Tuners don't lie. 

I hope you found this helpful. Have you ever been in a situation where you've come across a msuician who just COMPLETELY sucked? Let us know in the comments.  

Modularity with a price

For years the idea of a modular smartphone has excited me. Being able to swap parts for better parts is exciting. So, when the LG G5 came out with the modular parts and swappable batteries I was excited and jumped at the chance to get one. Here is what I've found after using the device for a year and a half.

My experience has been pretty good. Forget the lack of modules you could buy, forget the lack of support. Being able to swap a chaged battery in my phone when it got depleated is awesome. In my line of work, there is no time to charge up. So, having a battery or two that will practically get me through the day with another one fully charged is awesome. That being said the battery on the LG G5 leaves something to be desired as the capacity is not where I'd like for it to be at only 2800 MAH. Meaning that the battery gets depleated faster when running bluetooth or GPS intensive tasks. Thank God Ihave the xtra juice with me. I could talk about the build quality and such but there are many blog posts and videos that touch on this subject. Besides this blog post is about modularity not my opinions offfffffn the phone itself.  

New for 2017 is the new Moto Z Force 2. A truly modular phone with truly modular accessories. The idea that Motorola has come up with is genius. The pure genius is being able to swap out modulars on the fly without having to remove that battery and powering down the phone. A plus in my book as the G5 takes a few minutes to boot back up after you've inserted a new battery. Want a louder speak just slap it on, want a bigger battery case, just slap it on. Want a 360 camera slap it on. The back of the Force 2 has alignment pins that just attach whatever the mod is to the back of the phone and it's truly modular. The downside however, is that you're stuck ithin the ecosystem of mods. Not being able to transfer from one device to another. So, if you decide to go with a samsung device next year or say move to iOS. Your mods are left out int he cold ith no warmth or blanket to keep them from freezing and feeling left out. Just like my high school party years. 

Partying aside, I like the Force 2 and am strongly considering this as my next phone. However, the battery is the only thing standing in the way of my decision. At only 2,780 MAH, this is only 1,000 lower than my current phone capaity Somthing you need to consider is how much you'll be using your phone on a daily basis. For me, my phone is my communicator and my mobile workstation. I need it to be ready at all times. NOw, you could say Aaron, just get the external battery pack and be done with it. I'd say to you sure but at $150 per mod, I'm not sure Iwant to invest in mods if I want to jump ship to another manufactur later on down the road. However, the temptation of being able to slap on a mod and go is really awesome and is making me reconsider my options for my next phone purchase. 


Would you get the Moto Z Force 2 because of the mods? What will your next phone be? Leavde a comment and let's chat.  

Why Android isn't adopted by Many Blind Usrs

There are mainly two players when it coms to mobile platforms. iOS and Android are among the widely used and debated for what features they offer. One with a closed platform and the other with a more open and customizable way of loking at technology. So, how come iOS is more widely used than Android devices? In this blog post, I will atttempt to give you my opinions on the issue and why I thinkAndroid gets a bad rap from teh blindness community. 

 Back in 209 Apple's attempt at a fully feaured, fully touch screen enabled screen reader for the blind was a shot in the dark at best. Many people including myself where hesitant at best. I'm not goingto get into all of that jazz as I've been through that with you all on other posts I've written. Anyways, Android at the time was a very new concept and for Google, a shot in the dark at a mobile operating system. Not as polished as iOS and deciding what it wanted to be. Android wasn't usable (as much as iOS was at that point.) Hoever, android would breeze by as iOS would be last in every aspect for technology saying that they could do things better while their competitors rolled around in trying new features. 

 While I had an iPhone during 2009 to 2012 Isaw my friendsusing android devics doing things on their phones that I couldn't do. Their android devices would allow them to beeze around their apps and OS with ease. Notifications being read aloud among first letter navigation and both virtual and tactile keyboards. These two system keyboards could be used interchangable for different actions. I had a friend that ws runningaround his anroid phone faster than I could on my iPhone with even flicking and exploring. 

Now, in 2017, android has caught up to Apple and with accesibility inmind is a very valid option for blind users. Talkback the main screen reader for android is very accessible and usable by any blindperson. I believe why a lot of blind people haven't looked into android is because of past experience. Ihave heard from countless blind people,"I've tried android for X number of years and it wasn't a good experience." "So, I haven't really tried and don't want to because nothing has changed." This is WRONG!!!!! Talkback has changed and has become on par with Apples mobile platform. Braille nees to be improved however the way it works is easier and very intuitive. Brailleonandroid allows for multiple apps to be displayed and allow the user to select any of the apps depending on how many cells are on the particular display.  

 I think that android is very usable and a platform that can be used by blind people. There justneeds to be more resources and lessons for blind users to understand how to use the OS.  

What do you think? If there were tutorials available, would you switch to android?  

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Why the iPad is more exciting to me than the iPhone with iOS 11

WWDC 2017 saw some interesting developments (no pun intended) from the big fruit company. One of these such developments was a brand new iPad 10.5 inch and an updated 12.9 inch version. Here are my thoughts on why the iPad is more exciting considering everything iOS 11 will offer.

File system

iOS 11 includes a new app called files. This app is just a revamped iCloud Drive in my opinion. You can have other locations such as Google Drive, Onedrive, Box and others to pull files from. This app is awesome and easy to use. 

Replacing a laptop

Especially with the 12.9 inch iPad Pro with its massive screen you could replace your thought of a new shiny macbook pro or even macbook. With the Apple A10x chip the processor is much faster than Apple's current lineup of macbooks out right now. This means that the benchmarks are larger and much better when compared ot the macbook laptop. This is the first time that the bar has swung in the iPads favor when it came to processing power. Not only is the processor bigger and better, the idea of having just one portable machine with a detachable keyboard like the smart keyboard can now be a reality especially with iOS 11 breathing new life into the iPad lineup.

Bigger storage

512 gigabytes of storage! Half a Terabyte of storage. What will you do with all of that storage? I'll never have to delete any apps or any video or photos I'll tell you that much. No more to say on that progress.

The start of professional apps

App makers are starting to make the app experience better on iOS. There are  new photo and video editing apps that have everything like their desktop counterparts. This makes the prospect of tablet computing very close for creators to ditch carrying a laptop for powerful tasks.

More apps in the dock

15 apps in the bottom dock! Any app you want called with the flick of a finger. The only problem will be deciding which apps have permission to be crowned access to the all powerful dock.

True Multitasking

Split view is awesome on the iPad. Now, its getting even better. For apps that support picture and picture you can have two other apps running at the same time. This creates essentially three apps running in the background. For apps that don't support picture and picture ther is pipifier, this extension allows you to take any video and put it in a picture and picture window.


I'm excited about the iOS 11 update for the iPad product line. Apple in my opinion has paid more attention to what customers want for their tablet experience. They are not forcing users to work around what Apple themselves want the tablet experience to be like. The iPhone and iOS 11 to me just seem like an afterthought. I can't wait to see where technology brings the iPad and iOS in the years to come. What is your favorite feature of iOS 11? Are you excited about the iPad update or iPHone updates running iOS 11? If you purchased a new ipad, which one did you purchase and why?

Become an audible subscriber and get your first audio book and your first 30 days free. Just visit here. We'd recommend "Inside Apple" a fascinating story about the inner workings of the giant fruit company.

Apple's Problem is...

Back in 2007 Steve Jobs introduced a new way to use a mobile cell phone. Called the iPhone this phone paved a path to change the game of mobile computing forever. The state of mobile technology in 2007 consisted of Blackberry, and Windows Mobile. Both of which had interesting implementations of how a smartphone should be. These companies along with their vendors making other smart phones running the windows mobile OS, where trying to break the mold of dumb phones. Phones which only did a very limited number of commands such as call and text your contacts. 

The year 2007 saw me running a Motorola Q smartphone running windows mobile 5 with mobile speak speech software installed. I loved this phone and the keyboard was the best on a smartphone ever. When the announcement of this new phone came out I was impressed but didn't want to give up my Moto Q due to loving the keyboard and having speech on my phone. That being said the iPhone didn't get speech until the 3Gs in 2009. When I looked for resources on using this new technology called VoiceOver I was floored. I couldn't believe that I could use a full screen touch display without having a keyboard. This was the first time that I wanted to trade my Moto Q for an iPhone 3Gs. Needless to say I was floored and very impressed even if I was skeptic at first.

Fast forward to 2017 and Apple has a problem. Its not that Apple isn't innovating or reinventing some new tech category. Their competitor Google with it's Android operating system, and various phone vendors have a leg up on the big fruit company. Android phones have customizations such as removable batteries, VR headsets, headphone jacks, wireless charging, expandable storage etc. 

Boring design for the last 3 versions of the iPhone have really made Apple users bored and wanting something more. While Android phones come in different sizes, capacities, and different build materials, manual camera controls, dual profiles, etc. Android screen sizes vary wildly and are becoming taller. Apple has had two screen sizes and has never done anything with the bezels of their displays.

USB Type C and wireless charging are faster and more easier ways of charging your phone. Android devices are using these technologies to make their phones charge ridiculously fast. Apple hasn't even adopted either of these charging standards. 

There are also a lot of people that still use wired headphones including myself. As an audio engineer, I still like my wired headphones as I have tested a many different bluetooth headphones and they lag and music is choppy and cuts out. With a wired cable you get non of this and a better ADC (audio to digital converter) on a lot of new android phones to drive headphones that require a little more power. Apple has taken that out on their iPhone line but thank god not their iPad or Mac lines however, I'm not counting on them keeping it.

Apple isn't leading the industry anymore with innovation or new ideas. They are playing catch up to everything that Google and android vendors have to offer. Competition is key and Apple is loosing the race. What are your thoughts? Do you think Apple isn't innovating because of it's competitors?

is technology good or evil?

Recently Ihad a discussion with a few of my friends aobut technology. This conversation interested me. It was was a question that made us all think for a little bit. Does the technology we use everyday good or evil? 

This question is somewhat hard to figure out because, if you really think about the question. It seems that around the world have been using technology in evil ways. This may seem like that technology is inherately evil however, this only means that the people using technology are using it for evil. On the other hand technology that is being used for good such as medical prostetics, robotic hearts, nano bots, etc.  

The biggest advancements in technology are made my medical science these days. So, does that mean that the inventions and technology are good or evi? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.  


How to go through college even if you don't have a support system

College can be a scary experience for anybody. It can be especially scary for someone who is blind. Learning a new place, people, different workload from high school, independence, and so on. This can all be overwhelming but it can be done even if your support system is less than ideal. When I went through college I had a great support system of family and friends when things got hard. They were there to cheer me up and help me out when I needed it. If you don't have family to support you make friends that will. Real friends will be there for you when the hard times come just remember to do the same thing for them when they are down or having a bad day.  

Friends are great but when everyone is busy you also need to be self motivated and also understand that you need to get away from the work sometimes. If that means you pick up a musical instrument, read, write, play a game online, or go for a walk this will distract you for a little while. These things will help you also if you are having writers block as well.  

Except help from others when you need it and also ask for help when you need it. I understand that you want to be independent but skingdor help doesn't mean that you are not independent. This just means that you are independently asking because you tried yourself and couldn't figure it out.  

Know the differences between your wants and needs in terms of accommodations and technology. this is very important when it comes to technology as voc rehab will do a lot better if you make a strong case for why you need something versus well I just want it because I like this company's products better. 

Learn how to advocate for yourself, ;your disability services coordinator may not know or even understand how to help you. That's why you need to figure out what you need as for as accommodations and to advocate for yourself. Then you'll be able to go to your professors and tell them yourself what you need and how to help you. Don't forget to donate through patreon to Linson Productions to help content like this survive. Links listed for all of our social links and the patreon link below.

What has been your experience of college? What other things would you add?

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Why you should go with Linson Productions

Recently my wife had her sophomore gateway. This is just a small entrance exam to see if the student has understood the material taught in the lower level classes thus far. I had to do one as well for my degree and it was pretty easy. However, one of her question presented to her was why choose to pay for podcasting when you can do it for free? This question struck me and I've been thinking about this question for a few days.

As I've been chewing this around in my mind pondering this high rolling question I've finally come up with an honest answer. I didn't want to say the business person answer of you need to because we are about making money. As that is one of the benefits of a business the goal is to help people first regardless of the revenue coming in or going out. 

The honest answer is this: Linson Productions is alive to help the creator regardless of anything else. This means that while you can do podcasting and video production yourself it takes time. Time that could be spent on making new videos or podcasts. You can also publish your podcast for free with a lot of online sites however, there are limitations to publishing this way. You're limited on how much content you can upload, most sites cap your upload speed and give you a certain amount of files you can upload per month. The files have to also be within a certain file size limit which is very small. With Linson Productions your files only have to be in mp3 for podcasts and can be even higher quality for music or sound scape projects. 

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Automate with Buffer

For a while I've been looking for an automation service for posting Linson Productions content to multiple social media accounts. There are a couple of services that I've looked at and I just didn't like them for one thing or another 

So, What do you use?

I use a service called buffer. It allows me to post to multiple social media accounts and also schedule posts. This means that for the past two weeks the tweets and facebook posts that you've seen have been through buffer. It takes a couple of hours to write the content and schedule that once you do it. That's it, you're done!! I love this concept of automating my social media content for my site. It allows me to focus on other things like podcasts, blog posts, product launches, music and life. Let me know what you use and give buffer a try, it will save minutes of your life. 

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Why I'm not excited about the next iPhone

This may come as a surprise to you but, I don't care about the next iOS device from Apple Inc. The reason for this is all of the rumors surrounding next iPhone. From back facing fingerprint sensors to Type C USB connectors. It's all over hyped and all rumors. The main reason I believe that tech pundents are so upset with Apple's offerings is because of the rumors. Now, I understand that the rumors bring in visitors to tech websites which bring revenue. Many YouTube channels also benefit from these rumors via subscribers, clicks, and interaction on the video. 

I just don't get myself hyped up for the newest iPhone out of Apple anymore. Plus, android devices already have a lot of the features that the iPhone is still catching up too. More on that in a new blog post coming soon. 

Are big monitors worth it for productivity as a low vision user?

With desk setups becoming larger with two, three, even for screens wide. Is there a reason for a low vision user to have a big screen or even multiple monitors? 

The main factor is determining this is what your eye condition is and how much you have to magnify when you need to and how much you have to magnify. This will let you decide and ultimately help you in making this decision. It's hard to say what's the best size since every eye condition is different. However, usually screen sizes ranging from 22 to 27 inches are recommended. This is because the focal point is enough for the low vision user to focus with magnification and not go crazy with a larger screen. 

If you are a person who magnifies an object higher than a resultion of 8 times it's normal size, then a bigger monitor over 27 inches may be to big. This is even though the monitor is bigger say 49 inches the range of the screen that the magnified image takes up is still the same just spread over a bigger area.  

If however, you can get away with magnifiying under 8 to 7 times down to 3 or 4 times, you might have a chance. This is because you are not really magnifiying to see the image just to look st information and get it processed and then moving on to the next task.  

So, although I want a bigger monitor I probably won't get a bigger screen just because the magnification that I use is to large. It happens sometimes as well that I will use NVDA or JAWS to save some of my vision for spotting tasks.  


What to look for in buying an audio interface

Buying an audio interface can be a challenge with thousands of brands buying for your attention and money. So, which one should you go for? Read more of this article to find out. 

The most important thing to do is to first check your DAW. This will give you the best options in order to make. Purchasing decision. If you're running pro tools, or studio one, these vendors will want you to buy their hardware. Some of the interfaces can be very expensive (especially avid.) However, don't get caught up in what your DAW wants you to buy, there are a lot of options. I would call up Sweetwater and ask somebody there. Sweetwater's knowledgeable staff are willing to help and can point you in the right direction. 

If you want to do research on your own, you can do so. The first thing you'll want to look for would be to figure out how many inputs you will need. The rule of thumb is go for more than you may need. The premise is you won't have to upgrade as you advance in your knowledge. For instance instead of getting a 2 channel go ahead and get a 4 or even 8 channel. However, if you know that you will nay use 2 channels then by all means save the extra money for external gear.  


These are only a couple of suggestions that I have used myself and I am passing these tips on to you.  

Dealing With Blindness As An Audio Engineer

I've been blind most of my life so,what Iam about to say may be bias since I've had a long time to understand myself. However, I wanted to go into what it is like for someone who wants to get into the world of audio from a blindness perspective. Iwant to go through what Ihave learned and some of my chaleneges in studing this awesome but often complex area of study.

When Ifirst started my advenure into audio Iwas about 15. I started out with a small 2 channel ehringer mixer, a pair of headphones, and a microphone. Plus the small usb interface and cables that made all of the hardware work with Goldwave at the time. I really didn't knowwhat I was doing. However, as I grew in my knowledge of audio I still felt that using goldwave was the best option for me at the time. It wasn't until Istarted actually going to colege for audio production that Irealized the potential of an real DAW with multitracking abilities. As a blind person though, how would that all work out? Ihave a little bit of vision so Iused the vision that I have to use pro tools. It wasn't until recentl that Istarted moving projects and audio over to Reaper from This allows a blind or low vision user to use their screen reader with a special keymap to use the program ith keyboard only. The awesome thing is that the keymap is always getting updated and so it will never get outdated or left to the wayside. 

If you're worried about being able to operate complex functions like pitch shifting and stretching audio don't be. You can do these complex tasks as well directly from the keyboard. Midi input and manipulation is also available and accessible from the keyboard as well. There is no reason anymore to pay thousands of dollars for audio editing software that is out of date or may or may not be accessible. 

In conclusion, Reaperis a great program and ith the OSARA scripts for NVDA, The program works veery well with musicians who want to be more than just wanting to do audio. Now you can. As of this writing I've replaced all of my pro tools software ith reaper. I'v ebeen using reaper for about a month and have found it quite enjoyable. Keeping the eyesight that Ihave for more important tasks.  

Why I moved away from Apple

In the beginning it was all love and heart candies, when I purchased my first mac book pro in 2013. I had bought the Base model mac book pro and was more excited as a kid in christmas. During the last few months as my wife can tell you. My mind was flowing with what I should do. It was the old PC vs Mac debate abain. I have been a windows user for a long ti e. Growing up in high schoo, using winos devices for the screen reader called JAWS. This program allows for blind and low vision users like myself to use a computer just like a sighted person would. Anyways,  I had spent a few months deviceing, listening to multiple podcasts and researching the mac operation system. At this point in my life as well, I also owned an iPad and an iPhone which just made sense to me to be within the Apple ecosystem. So, I bought one. 

when the computer arrived I installed all of my programs on it and started to learn voiceover. The screen reader on the Mac platform. From the first moments of using the computer I knew that the experience I had with windows needed to be thrown out of the door. 

Respect your instrument

Have you ever seen this video shows how stupid some people really are when it comes to respecting their instruments. I understand that some young kids want to emulate this trick however, what's the point in doing it? Your friends dared you to try it? You just want to be cool and show off? An instrument is a source for creative people and people who want to make music. The only reason some musicians can smash guitars is because company's will give them new ones as endorsement. So, please don't disrespect your instrument. It didn't do anything to deserve the massive beating. If you want to look up more videos of people being stupid and failing check out guitar flipping fails on youtube. They are cringe worthy to be sure.