Let's talk batteries

external batteries are important to our mobile devices. However, they can be a pain to carry along with the cable and your phone. In this podcast Aaron talks about his experience with battery cases and wonders how he ever lived without one.


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Notin an app with potential that needs our help

How many times do you check you notification shade? If you're liuke me you check it a lot. Notin takes the idea and runs with it. Checking your notification shade can be boring at times. How about a way to put reminders in that shade? Notin does a good job at the purpose of reminding however, it needs a little help from us. Check it out in the google play store and contact the developer telling him to make the app more accessible.

Rocker Locker: the volume master

In this podcast Aaron takes us through the Rocker Locker application for any android device. With multiple sound profiles and options available to android devices, the volume buttons do more than ever before. This can sometimes be frustrating and interesting when you don't hear your phone because you've accidently turned down your ringer and meant to turn down your notification volume. Rocker Locker helps with this. Not messing with any other volumes accept the media volume. You can download this awesome app through this link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tomwandroid.rockerlocker

Our hearts are with florida as them attempt to recreate life from the recent hurricanes Irma and Harvey. Please donate to your local charity and help florida rebuild.

Gmail the original android email client

In this podcast, Aaron takes a look through the Gmail app that comes installed on every android phone. If you haven't signed up for our newsletter please go ahead and get signed up. We've also launched a new product for those of you who want to learn android. You don't have to get a device to learn android, just purchase our tutorials and you'll get everything plus free updated tutorials. Here's the link http://www.linsonproductions.com/audiopackage/androidtraining


Android Module Sneak Peak

In this podcast Aaron gives you a look inside an upcoming product from Linson Productions. 

Have you ever wanted to learn android but were left wanting more from various sites claiming to be up to date with accessibility? Or have you really wanted to try android, bought your device only to discover that there's not a lot of information online or help available? 

Linson Productions LLC aims to change this with the new product for people who want to learn android and make the switch. These modules will be updated as new features and apps that are accessible become available. Enjoy the sneak peek.

Hooke Audio Binaural headphones Unboxing

In this podcast Aaron brings you an unboxing of the Hooke Verse from Hooke Audio. A company dedicated to 3D audio for all. This headphone and microphone combo will blow your mind away. These 3D recordings are best listened through headphones. In fact, we recommend this as you will get the full effect. We'd like to thank Hooke Audio for sending a pair of the Hooke Verse out to us for review.

Square Card Reader

There are a ton of accessible apps on both iOS and Android platforms. A lot are great and deserve recognition for being accessible. Then ther are others that are particually accessible. Square Card Reader is one of them. It can be fixed but it needs your help. Please contact the developers just like we have and ask them to make it accessible.